Shift for the Future

East West Connection (EWC) is excited to announce its unique partnership with the Selective Corporate Internship Program (SCIP), an award winning national 501(c) 3 youth leadership organization founded in 1997. A year in development, EWC has experienced first-hand the rewarding experience working closely with a team of exceptional “Future Global Leaders” from SCIP.

Bringing the Best Talent to EWC

Nurturing and developing talent is a core value at EWC and that is why we established a partnership with SCIP. The objective of the EWC and SCIP partnership is to provide mentoring and career experience to a multicultural group of future leaders in all departments at EWC such as Marketing, Social Media, Finance, HR, Operations, Creative, and Technology departments. 

Founded by successful entrepreneurs and former Corporate HR executives Monica and Miguel Mancebo, SCIP offers an unparalleled opportunity to access high-quality, multicultural undergraduates, MBAs and young professionals exposed to the global business and STEM world, nationally. The mission of SCIP is to enlighten, employ, and empower diverse underserved students for successful careers through corporate mentorship, leadership development, internships, and full-time career opportunities. The approach is a long-term strategy that enhances the participants education, provides real life work experiences, and prepares them to be tomorrow’s leaders. SCIP has trained over 10,000 young professionals since the organization was established in 1997.

Realizing Positive Results

EWC provides the SCIP young leaders with the opportunity to have a “seat at the table” to participate in real business situations. Through the mentorship provided by SCIP, the future leaders get exposure and are trained in corporate communications and coached in professional decorum, which is reflected in their confidence at meetings, where EWC allows them to present their ideas. The SCIP team brings enthusiasm and great ideas to EWC as evidenced by their recommendation and establishment of a YouTube channel featuring the Joy Connection series. They conducted extensive research prior to submitting their ideas. Beyond just ideas, the SCIP team focuses on the ROI and provide the analytics to support their recommendations. The SCIP interns are strategic in their approach and collaborate in a team spirit, which is impressive. “Each meeting with the SCIP students inspires me,” said Adrienne Bright, Executive Vice President of EWC who is responsible for social media. “The SCIP interns come to meetings prepared. They are thoughtful in their approach and are focused on collaborating to produce the best end-result. Seeing this multicultural group of young people in action gives me hope for the future because they have so much to contribute to the world.” “Our partnership with EWC has been seamless,” said Monica Mancebo, who along with her husband Miguel, formed SCIP 23 years ago. “The reason our partnership works is because we share the same values of trust, integrity, respect and most importantly, a commitment to providing opportunities for minority youth.”

Commitment to Excellence

Prior to starting SCIP, the Mancebos had successful careers in Corporate America in human resources and hospitality. Too often they heard colleagues say the reason for the low number of people from diverse backgrounds at their respective companies was a lack of trained talent. Monica and Miguel had a broad network and knew talented minorities were plentiful; however, mentoring was not readily available, which resulted in a lack of access to opportunities in Corporate America. This inspired the Mancebos to form SCIP. SCIP calls the interns future global leaders and has developed an extensive training program that prepares them for successful engagements with

companies. SCIP has garnered internships and full-time opportunities at corporations such as Clarins, Colgate Palmolive, Black Rock, IBM, AIG, Microsoft, Prudential, Time Warner, JP Morgan Chase, Thomson Reuters and Refinitiv just to name a few. Because of the positive internship experience, many of the SCIP alumnae are leading successful careers with major companies.

“We want our young leaders to soar in life. Every student who walks through our door is our future, so we treat them like they’re taking over our legacy,” said Miguel Mancebo.

SCIP has been recognized by Crain’s USA for Good Corporate Citizenship, the National “Bright Spot in Hispanic Education” by the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics and received the New Jersey Business & Industries Association (NJBIA) Award for Excellence.


Mark Mancebo graduated from New York Military Academy and studied at Penn State University for his undergrad where he majored in Communications. He has over several years of professional sales experience ranging from real estate, finance, retail, and most recently, robotics. He looks to further his career in tech sales and has enrolled in a program to learn and become a software engineer.

“My experience working on the project was life changing for numerous reasons but especially learning how to move forward during the climate we are currently facing.”


Grace Kim is a recent graduate of Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing as well as a minor in Education. Her interest and background in marketing allowed her to leverage social media to build a following and engagement with a lot of the professional opportunities that she was able to have thus far. She hopes to work in the fashion, beauty, or music industry as a marketing strategist or social media coordinator.

Working on the EWC project allowed me to delve into the professional world and to focus on my skills in marketing and social media coordinating.”


Unique Divine is an Artificial Intelligence Researcher at ApTSi and graduate student at Columbia University that conducts bioinformatics research for the healthcare domain. At his core, he is a problem solver with a bias toward action. After completing his M.S. in applied mathematics this May, he’ll begin his career as a Data Scientist in the Market Development & Insights team at IBM.

Working with SCIP on the EWC project has given me the opportunity to learn and grow from both hands-on industry experience and direct mentorship.”


Michael Crescente is currently a third year student in the Macaulay Honors College at The College of Staten Island. He is pursuing a double major in Marketing and Management along with a double minor in Economics and Business Data Analytics.

I hope to gain professional experience that will propel my career, while also providing value to my team and partner organizations.”


Wilbert Davis is an alumnus at Hofstra University double majoring in journalism and political science. In the Fall of 2017, Wil was initiated into the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. through the Xi Psi Chapter where he has served as the chapter president since the Spring of 2018. Wil plans on pursuing his law degree and his doctoral degree in political science. Currently, he is a Senior Associate at Good Steward LLC (GSL).

Since working with the SCIP’s Fellows program, I have gained valuable corporate experience through their partnerships with companies like EWC.


Michael Pinto is a recent graduate from the Macaulay Honors College at The College of Staten Island, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Corporate Communication. He also minored in business, Italian, and journalism. During his undergraduate career, he held two social media marketing internships – one with the Macaulay Honors College, and the second with Valpak of Staten Island & Greater Brooklyn. He looks to further his interest in social media marketing and PR.

In working with SCIP and EWC, I am hoping to refine the skills that I learned in my academic career and to learn things about these different fields that I never learned before.”


Romel Duval Jr. is a second-year undergraduate student attending Hofstra University. He is majoring in Marketing, looking to secure a responsible and professional position in an industry. He hopes to completely utilize his abilities, while making a significant impact on the success of the company.

The creativity and brainstorming that goes on are eye-opening as I am learning different approaches for acquiring information and how to properly explain discoveries made from our EWC partnership.


Olivia Kearse is a senior at Hofstra University majoring in Public Relations. She received her Associates degree in communication studies at Suffolk County Community College where she was inducted into the Sigma Chi Eta Honor Society. Currently, she is the president of the National Black Public Relations Society as well as the Director of Chapter Advancement for the Public Relations Student Society of America.

I hope to learn more about marketing while doing research for East West Connection (EWC) and creating a stronger social media presence on applications such as LinkedIn and Instagram for EWC.


Tyler Grier is a senior at Pace University majoring in Communications with a focus on journalism. He has a diverse educational background and considers his main strengths to be writing and public speaking. Tyler is a mentee of the SCIP program, hoping to gain more experience in the corporate world as well as enhance his team building, writing, and overall skill set.

My main goals in working with the SCIP and EWC teams are to improve my skills in aspects such as writing and presentation, to step out of my comfort zone, and to get general experience as a member of the working corporate/business world.


Alexandria Dass is a Senior Auditor at KPMG. She graduated from Brooklyn College and has been a part of SCIP since November of 2016. Alexandria has been very involved from being a volunteer and delegate for multiple SCIP events. Additionally, she was a Team Leader in SCIP’s annual Summer Internship program. Alexandria has also chaired the annual Young Women’s Diversity Forum for the past 4 years.

I have grown in the SCIP family and hope to continue to be a pillar of success and role model for this organization.


Jason Huang is a senior at Cornell University majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Information Sciences. On top of developing mobile and web software applications, he does videography and photography. Jason is constantly curious and loves to learn new things. He was part of SCIP since last year, and has been a big contributor ever since.

I’ve learned a lot about teamwork and collaboration while working on the Joy Connection Initiative with EWC with the other global young leaders in SCIP.


Daniela Collado is a recent graduate from Macaulay Honors College at Queens College. She majored in Media Studies and minored in Honors Business and Liberal Arts. Her training is in TV/Film production and is pursuing a career in Marketing and Advertising. She recently secured a position at Kepler Group as a Client Solutions Analyst.

I gained firsthand experience in leading a team from various backgrounds and areas of expertise and was fortunate enough to network and work alongside talented people.