Stay Open, Stay Safe

East West Connection is excited to announce our partnership with Soter Technologies to introduce SymptomSense to the meeting and event industry! We are offering this innovative technology to our clients in order to get back to live meetings and events safely. SymptomSense is available in two forms – the SymptomSense TM Kiosk and SymptomSense TM SEG (Screening Evaluation Gateway).

SymptomSense  Kiosk

The Kiosk is designed for quick and easy set up and captures external body temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen level to trace COVID-19 symptoms in 15 seconds. It also has self-cleaning technology to efficiently scan all attendees to ensure they are healthy before entering events.

SymptomSense SEG

The SEG is best used in a permanent location and can measure attendee vitals in 20-30 seconds. This technology has self-cleaning technology and captures external body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen level and respiration rate.

The vitals measured by the SymptomSense technology can be used to identify attendees who may be infected with the COVID-19 virus.

For more information about the SymptomSense technology email

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