Episode 9: Grief Talk with the Rebellious Widow

by Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW

Episode 9 – Grief Talk with the Rebellious Widow

With Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW


Today’s topic is one that hits close to home to many of us.  Grief. I know it can seem like a dark topic and why would we want to talk about that when we are a show that literally has the word JOY in our title? Don’t they seem contradictory? As sad of a topic as grief can be, when faced with it and coming through the other side, it’s important to find the joy again. Today’s guest not only has experience with grief, but Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW, is a clinical therapist in private practice and a former hospice social worker, she is also a certified Grief Recovery Facilitator. Jill loves doing speaking engagements about healthy grieving and recovery from loss, understanding children’s grief, breaking the “widow rules,” and dementia. She has trained over a thousand therapists in approaching grief in a way that works.  Jill received her BA from the University of California, Riverside, and her MSW comes from the University of South Florida.


Furthermore, Jill understands this topic from a personal space. While in her 40’s, Jill lost her first wife Linda. Then, Jill lost her second wife Casper. Casper and Linda met because Casper was Jill’s first wife Linda’s hospice nurse. And now, Jill is married to her third wife Stacie. Stacie is the mortician who cared for both Linda and Casper. We are so excited for you to hear this story from Jill’s point of view because her humor and positivity will certainly leave a smile on your face. For more information, please go to her website: https://jilljohnsonyoung.com/


Jill also has written two books, The Rebellious Widow: A Practical Guide to Love and Life After Loss and Your Own Path Through Grief: A Workbook For Your Journey To Recovery. https://grieftalker.kartra.com/page/nna45

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