Episode 7: Motivation and Resilience

by Ralph Weaver and Terry Tucker

Episode 7: Motivation and Resilience

A discussion with Ralph Weaver and Terry Tucker

 We have an exciting episode today, our guest’s story is one of encountering the unthinkable, adapting to change and overcoming adversity. Terry Tucker has reinvented himself over the years. While his professional background is extensive and impressive, his personal story of being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Acral Lentiginous Melanoma in 2012, is one that left Ralph moved and inspired. Despite all the pain and trauma, Terry found a way to make his pain a source of drive to fight. He became stronger and more resolute and eventually wrote a book called Sustainable Excellence, Ten Principles to Leading Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life to help people find and live their purpose. The book outlines certain principles to reinforce your attitude, no matter how much pain or obstacles needed to overcome, so you could lead a life of significance and success.


Terry is a sought-after speaker who believes in the power of a good story to motivate, inspire, and help others lead their uncommon and extraordinary lives. By combining Terry’s ten-year cancer journey with his diverse business, athletic coaching, and law enforcement expertise, he delivers compelling yet relatable presentations for conferences, online events, panels, meetings, and seminars. Since most organizations were not holding events during the pandemic, he became an international podcast guest on the topics of motivation, self-development, mindset, and mental health. Terry’s speaking topics include: How to Live Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Purpose and The 4 Truths To Leading A Resilient Life. To watch or listen to the over 400 podcasts where he has been a featured guest, please visit his website: www.motivationalcheck.com

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