Episode 10 - Believe It, Achieve It

by EWC Joy Connection

Episode 10 – Believe It, Achieve It


A Discussion with Nacone Martin and Ralph Weaver


This episode is all about how it doesn’t matter what your age is—because if you have the passion and willpower, you can do anything. Nacone Martin is a perfect example of that because to her, age is just a number. Between modeling, acting, and fitness, Nacone certainly has her hands full. She manages to accomplish it all because of her focus and determination. Nacone showcases her love of health and fitness by encouraging others to not only be their best selves, but she also exemplifies her passion through her calling as an amateur bodybuilder competitor, which she didn’t start competing in until after she turned fifty. Nacone is a Co-Owner of BE Fitness Studio, Owner of Enocan Fitness and her own shop on Etsy. You will leave this session feeling inspired and ready to tackle on the world! 


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