Episode 4: Overcoming Obstacles

by Ralph Weaver and Sharon Spencer

Episode 4: Overcoming Obstacles
By Ralph Weaver and Sharon Spencer

Ralph had an amazing session with Sharon Spencer, a woman who has overcome obstacles that would break most people, and yet she still maintains optimism and compassion. After surviving breast cancer Sharon Spencer was in a terrible car accident which caused an amputation to her right leg above the knee. She had a total of 22 surgeries. Now, Sharon is a public speaker, an activist for breast cancer and helps encourage amputees. She writes and performs poetry about all the experiences that she has gone through.  Also, Sharon received the “NBA Values of the Game Award” and has appeared on the talk show Good Day New York. She has had appearances in The New York Times, The Hollywood Times, and many other magazines, sharing her story.


“The only advice that I ever give someone going through adversity is to trust God. Take it one day at a time and continue to tell yourself that things will get better. Also surround yourself with positive people. It is not the amount of support that you have it is the quality of support that counts. My two biggest dreams are to do my life story with Tyler Perry and model exposing my prosthetic leg for Rihanna Fenty makeup. I want to leave my mark in this world, and I want to know that I have made a difference.” – Sharon Spencer


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