Episode 8: Cooking with Chef Annie

A discussion with Ralph Weaver and Chef Annie Prizzi

We’ve always said the goal of our podcast is to not only inspire and teach others, but to share the joy and what better way to do that than to introduce today’s guest. Chef Annie Prizzi proudly showcases her joy of cooking and has manifested that passion into an amazing career. She is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America program at Cornell University’s Management Hotel and Restaurant Master’s program. Chef Annie honed her art in Provence as an apprentice to the legendary Simone Beck, a Cordon Bleu alum who co-authored Mastering the Art of French Cooking with Julia Child. A highlight of Chef Annie’s resume is her 17-year tenure at New York City’s Windows on the World, which she joined in 1976, and the restaurant’s famed Cellar in the Sky which she helped conceive and eventually worked at full-time. Also in New York City, she helped launch and then taught at Peter Kump’s well-respected Institute of Culinary Education. With Peter Kump, she traveled throughout the United States, including to the Watergate Hotel to help Jean Louis Palladin prepare Julia Child’s birthday dinner in 1985. And when the Algonquin Hotel underwent a multi-million-dollar renovation and reopening, Chef Annie was charged with developing the hotel’s new culinary concept and menu. She refined her epicurean talents in Costa Rica where her restaurant Annie’s Bistro, on Costa Rica’s Flamingo Coast, became one of the country’s most desirable dining venues. After relocating to Southwest Florida, Chef Annie founded Pure Life Kitchen, dedicated to leading the way in the exploration, discovery, and celebration of locally grown, healthy and sustainable food.

Throughout her career, she has earned several awards including the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Education Achievement.

Furthermore, Chef Annie Prizzi is the author of Southern Italian Cooking, a compilation of recipes she learned while growing up in the kitchens of her two Sicilian grandmothers. From her grandmothers, she learned “scratch cooking from the heart,” a time-honored culinary principle that serves as her motto to the present day.

 Please enjoy this special recipe Chef Annie prepared just for this podcast!




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