Our CEO and Founding President, Ralph Weaver, was interviewed by Savio P. Clemente from Authority Magazine on “how to create a travel experience that keeps people coming back for more.”

In the article, Ralph shares experiences in the field of meeting planning and provides helpful tips/innovations that can benefit the travel and hospitality industries.

For example, “We offer distinctive activities that are not our standard ‘cookie-cutter approach.’…While in Monte Carlo, we offered a vintage car experience where attendees could drive the car of their choice, which was combined with a wonderful lunch. The day ended at a perfume factory where each guest could create their own signature fragrance.”

Ralph’s guide on perfecting the travel experience is an informative and unique take on incentive trips. One you don’t want to miss!

Please click the link to access the article: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/ralph-weaver-of-east-west-connection-on-how-to-create-a-travel-experience-that-keeps-people-coming-d27c25d4ea09

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