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Here at EWC, we like to stay on top of industry trends and are always looking for distinctive practices and innovations to create best in class programs for our clients. In 2019, we established the Innovation and Technology Division (ITD). This groundbreaking part of the organization focuses on supporting our customers with the application of new technologies to solve their organizational and marketing needs. We apply cutting edge technologies that help to improve meeting planning efficiencies and enhance the attendee experience at live events. 

Some examples include: onsite experiences (gamification/augmented reality scavenger hunt), video broadcasting to extend reach (Webcasting and Streaming Media channel creation – i.e., your own personal Netflix), augmented reality meeting materials, and onsite wayfinding.

  • Consultative design and delivery of unique, experiential Meetings
  • Technology Enhanced Live Meeting delivery
  • Broadcast, and Webcast Meetings with supporting video production
  • Planning and Delivery of Online Conferences, Team Meetings, and Trade Shows
  • Enhanced registration and event recruitment

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Technology was created to make life easier, and with our help, we can guarantee to take the stress away. No matter the size event, our goal is to provide first-class customer service, and thanks to our innovative team, we can guarantee that!

Discuss your event’s technology needs.

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Let East West Connection take your meetings and events to the next level with our technology options!

Discuss your event’s technology needs.



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