by Dayna Enalls

After meeting remotely for so long, we may ask ourselves if it’s worth paying for travel and accommodations for an event. Clients may be reluctant to travel for safety reasons and budget reductions. However, meeting professionals must get ahead of this challenge by offering safe event protocols and a unique event experience. One way to create a unique event experience is to engage the 5 senses – which can be challenging to accomplish with virtual events. Events that include stimulating the 5 senses will create a unique experience and make traveling for the event worthwhile.

Crafting menus or small sampling plates to showcase the local cuisines in the area is a great way to incorporate taste. You can even coordinate a local food tour for the attendees as an entertainment option or a teambuilding exercise. Some great aromas may also be created from the food chosen for the event. Fresh flowers and plants from a local florist always add a nice touch to an event and can bring pleasant fragrances to an event space. Bringing in different types of textures for furniture and fabrics for tablecloths or drapes can assist with engaging the physical touch aspect of the 5 senses. Music, fixtures, videos, presentations and lighting all work together to engage the attendee’s sight and sound senses. The quality of production for an event can bring the event to life. Creating feel good vibes, energy and genuine connections – (which for some is a sixth sense) are what attendees crave during events and keeps them wanting more. Attracting and stimulating the senses heightens the level of your event. It’s always the small details that make an event unforgettable.