A corporate event is an expression of your company’s mission, values, and brand. Whether it is a company picnic or a black-tie gala, your event should reflect the best that your company has to offer. Every company and every event is unique, so we take our time to learn about your company, corporate culture, business goals, and core values when planning your events.

We listen to what you want to accomplish and then create a strategic plan to make it happen. In order to execute a truly special event we ensure that each component of the budget is utilized wisely while achieving your communication objectives.

We are deeply invested in the successful execution of your events which means you can be assured that your brand is in trusted hands.

"I can't thank you enough for the exquisite taste, attention to detail and customer focus you lent to planning and executing the events."
- Communications Consultant
Marketing Agency
"EWC - You are so organized and so professional! Our incentive trips would not be the same without you. Thank you!!!"
- Guest
Pharmaceutical Industry
"The EWC staff was excellent - Courteous, welcoming and happy to help with anything. They really were the icing on the cake!"
- Guest
Pharmaceutical Industry
"EWC has staged a number of events and run many meetings for our local companies in the past few years, and I highly recommend them."
- Vice President
Communications, Pharmaceutical Industry
"Thanks to your leadership, initiative and creativity, we were able to conceptualize, organize and orchestrate events in six U.S. and international locations, in three languages, for nearly 8,000 employees, in less than six weeks!"
- Vice President
Communications, Medical Device Industry
"I have had the pleasure of working with East West for many years, and I have rarely found an organization more responsive to our needs with such varied creative ideas."
- Manager
Pharmaceutical Medical Education Division
"EWC is what I consider a 'blue-chip' company because it understands our company, our needs, and is able to execute our requests to the fullest."
- Senior Specialist
Leading Mortgage Finance Company

Employee recognition and appreciation programs are highly effective and proven strategies for improving employee engagement and our team has the skills to effectively harness the power of these programs to positively impact your business.  These programs can improve morale, productivity and retention, as well as enhance your business reputation as a company of choice.

To be successful, employees must feel motivated and together as a team, success is about harnessing the energy and focusing the power of working together. That focused power of team encourages a workplace culture of understanding and ownership of your organization’s mission, vision and values.

EWC can help you to build upon your workplace culture through activities such as company picnics, anniversary celebrations, team-building platforms in cafeterias, company parking lots or a more formal off-site evening event. Bottom-line, we can design wonderful experiences that provide a sense of belonging and loyalty to the business as well as acknowledge employees for a job well done.  This means customized programs that are interactive, including everything from games, scavenger hunts and talent shows; to creating quilts and paintings to donate to charities; to creating your organization’s vision through finger-painting exercises; and much more.

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