East West Connection is recognized for providing end to end service models and support in conference center logistical management. Our extensive experience in this space has realized millions of dollars in savings to the companies we support and has enabled senior leadership to maximize visibility at meetings while avoiding extensive time traveling and expenses.

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Our team will work with your company to create a needs analysis of how to maximize the results of your current meeting or conference space based on our successful management of corporate meeting space.

We will review your current booking systems and budgeting tool to make recommendations on how EWC can develop a Conference Center Management plan that will benefit the bottom line and produce immediate ROI metrics.


Our team is dedicated exclusively to your meeting space and are located on site within the meeting space environment for easy access.

Each meeting has an assigned Meeting Planner who is responsible for confirming logistics and arranging the Meeting Room Setup, Audio Visual, Food & Beverage, Janitorial, & Security requests providing end-to-end support.

Our team will work with corporate services within your organization to align resources and establish Standard Operating Procedures for consistency in partnering with other vendors/cross functional departments.

Our industry professionals are available to aid with transportation, teambuilding, hotel and restaurant recommendations.

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Allows Meeting organizers and attendees to focus on work with fully dedicated strategic operational support for their meeting.Ensures that a meeting is productive and an efficient use of the attendees’ time.

Reduces spend on external meetings through minimizing or eliminating:

  • Sourcing
  • Contracting and review
  • Legal review
  • Procurement: PO generation/tracking/payment
  • Extensive travel expenses

Creates consistency in meeting outcomes.Allows Senior Leadership to have more flexibility in attending meetings:

  • Reduces travel costs for Leaders
  • Allows Leaders to attend more meetings, be engaged and have visibility to more employees on a regular basis
  • Creates measurable time efficiencies

Let East West Connection take your meetings and events to the next level with our cuisine options!

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