By Amanda Hartman

2021 is shaping up to be a promising year with many new opportunities emerging. To help you stay on top of things, EWC is sharing some helpful organization tips:

1. Utilize all features of your calendar

Keep your calendar up to date so you are not overbooked and others can easily schedule time with you. When scheduling time with others, view their calendar and schedule when all attendees are available. When your entire team works in this fashion there is less back and forth about availability, less confusion and more efficiency!

If you’re a visual person, you are able to color code your appointments and add time to execute specific projects for completion each day.

2. Prioritize a “To-Do” List

Find the best method that works for you. Some like to create tasks within their email client. Others prefer a document or a virtual notebook. Visit and revisit until you find what works for you – it will change your day, productivity and stress level!

I’ve found it helpful to plan for the coming week on Thursdays. This is an easy way to evaluate what meetings and deliverables I have that need to be completed, added to my to do list and scheduled accordingly. Review the to do list each day and know it is ok to move things to the next day.

3. Be Flexible

Flexibility is key! We are in an industry and a time where things change all the time, and a last-minute meeting may be scheduled. It is ok – embrace the change and don’t get too stuck on the deliverables you started the day with if they are not due that day. As long as you’re meeting deadlines and getting what you need to accomplish completed, it is ok to change your plan. It is important to be nimble and react to the immediate needs; and moving things around or changing your plan is what will make this happen.

4. Use Your Resources

Let your resources keep you honest and efficient in the work you do. Microsoft has so many options for keeping your workspace organized.

  • The color-coding categorization that is available in your calendar is also available to organize emails by category. This is a great way to sort your emails and keep your inbox cleaned out.
  • I find it beneficial to work out of my inbox. Therefore, if it does not require action or I have responded and completed any action, it is filed away and not taking up space in my inbox.
  • Schedule reminders and due dates in your calendar.
  • Use OneNote – think 5 subject notebook meets digital – but with ultimate organization, color coding and a search feature! While you have to find your own method to the madness for your day to day, it is worthwhile and saves so much time when you do!
  • Teams offers channels for collaboration groups. You can share documents, notebooks, etc. with your colleagues without having to save individual documents to drives. Multiple people can edit the document in real-time.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Create a routine that works best for you. Take a break to get outside, walk your dog, do some yoga or a quick workout at some point throughout your day. The importance of caring for oneself is becoming more and more evident with each year in my career. When I find this balance the workday just goes that much better! As I always say, mindset is everything!

I wish you peace, happiness and organizing as you head into Q2 2021!

Happy Organizing!