by Dayna Enalls

Do you remember how you felt during an Opening Session of a sales meeting? Do you remember the invigorating music, the concert level lighting and production, the comfortable seating options, and the chills that you felt down your spine when you heard the story about how the medical therapies saved the lives of patients? Nothing can beat the rush and excitement of arriving at a destination and seeing all the event pieces come together. Let’s face it: we miss the face-to-face experience and the unforgettable memories created at different locations around the world. It’s been so long that we may have even forgotten how great live events are. However, we do know that once the pandemic subsides and the hospitality industry kickstarts, we will be busier than ever.

We can imagine that there will be added pressure to make live event experiences even better than they were before. As meeting professionals, we must balance our time with planning for both virtual events for the present-day as well as thinking ahead about how to incorporate new industry trends for the future. Event planners will soon feel the thrill and enthusiasm once again for planning incentive trips, sales meetings, and welcome receptions. For now, meeting professionals can master the art of creating engaging virtual and hybrid events, earn industry related certifications, keep up with new trends and nail down best practices for post pandemic face-to-face events. Buckle up and hold tight because the hospitality industry will rise again.