In making this announcement, our Founder & CEO, Ralph Weaver, states “Adrienne has been at my side in guiding EWC from the start of the company when she volunteered her services. Unconditional loyalty and commitment best describe Adrienne. Since the beginning of EWC, she has been involved in all areas of the company and has done whatever was necessary to support EWC.   Whether it was packing boxes or collecting unpaid debts, Adrienne has done it all during her 30-year association with EWC.  She has always done more than her job description by consistently working tirelessly doing whatever has been asked of her to ensure the success of EWC.   Over the years, I could not have done my job without knowing that Adrienne was there to lend counsel and assistance.”

What is to come is very exciting. Adrienne states “Now, EWC is pivoting and focused on reinventing the company to stay relevant in a post Coronavirus world.  The next two years will be a crucial time to reposition EWC in the marketplace as we lay the groundwork to accomplish our goals.