by Kaitlin Renny

Do you miss live events as much as we do?  EWC understands the importance of following government and state regulations for social distancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic, but after more than 6 months of limited social interaction, we sure are ready to get back to our live events!  EWC has been focused on keeping up with the latest and greatest technology so that when we can all meet again, it is in the safest way possible.

NobaTech has taken an innovative, event-specific approach in the form of Thermal Camera Body Temperature Solutions; an incredible piece of technology designed to be installed at key entry points to a venue or event that can measure up to 300 people per minute with an accuracy of +- 0.3°C within 0.2 seconds!  If an attendee were to pass through this technology with an abnormal temperature, or with no facemask detection, a sound prompt is activated to alert security.  

 EWC will continue to monitor new and innovative technology and best practices for how to get the live events industry back to business! We look forward to seeing everyone face to face again, but until then – wear your mask & wash your hands!


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