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Congratulations to Our East West Connection Team
on receiving the comcast RISE Award!

Comcast RISE was created to help small businesses while they have been dealing with the ongoing impact of the pandemic. They have provided more than $60 million in grants, marketing and technology services to more than 6,700 small businesses owned by people of color. 

East West Connection has been selected along with 1,300 other small businesses to receive the Comcast RISE Award. As a Comcast RISE Creative and Media Winner, we can look forward to receiving resources to help elevate our business with creative production services. Furthermore, Effectv, Comcast Cable’s sales division has put together a 30-second TV commercial as well as a media strategy and 90-day placement schedule so others can see East West Connection’s mission.

We are so excited about this endeavor and are looking forward to sharing our commercial!

EWC’s commercial will be broadcast
on Popular Networks.

“We created Comcast RISE to partner with small businesses and give them access to tools to help them survive the pandemic and thrive. As we’ve gone through the selection process, it’s been so powerful to hear these business owners’ stories and see the tangible ways that we can help grow their businesses and impact their communities… I could not be more pleased to open this program to the entire BIPOC community and continue this positive momentum.”

Teresa Ward-Maupin,
SVP for Digital and Customer Experience at Comcast Business.

To learn more, visit Comcast RISE

389 Pittstown Road
Pittstown, NJ 08867
(p) 908.713.9655