by Dayna Enalls

To be a good meeting professional is to service the client’s needs and perform the requested tasks. To be a great meeting professional is to anticipate the needs of the client and always think five steps ahead. As meeting professionals, we often find ourselves putting out fires, working with tight timelines and budgets. However, with years of experience, team support, and a little faith, meeting professionals always make magic happen. But wouldn’t it be great to have a little bit more time to improve best practices and start new initiatives? Hello, Covid-19!

Although Covid-19 has brought us many challenges, unfathomable losses and uncertainty, the pandemic has also presented us the opportunity to slow down, tighten up and get ahead. During the pandemic, East West Connection has hosted scalable virtual meetings using high-end technology such as OTT streaming, augmented, virtual and mixed reality as well as gamification. East West Connection has also built partnerships with industry specialists, influencers, and young professionals to broaden our perspective and reach. We are tightening up our processes, adopting new initiatives and guidelines, as well as polishing and strengthening our skills to be ready for large face to face meetings post Covid-19. East West Connection has been a leader in the meetings industry for 30 years and continues to service our clients with strategic meetings, events, incentive trips, corporate gifts, and virtual events. East West Connection is stronger than ever, and we are always anticipating your needs.