October 7, 2021

Congratulations Ralph Weaver! 

On October 7th , Crossroads4Hope honored our CEO, Ralph Weaver, at their Annual Inspiring Hope event with the Nancy and Marty Dowd Spirit Of Hope Award. This award is given to individuals and organizations that make a direct impact on Crossroads4Hope’s mission and the people they serve. The award is in honor of Nancy Dowd, one of the founders, and her late husband Marty because of their volunteerism and support that made the organization that it is today. 

“Ralph has been critical to the successful implementation of our Vision for the Future and his involvement in our work has transformed the organization for current Members and those who we have yet to meet.” 

Gina Carro, Crossroads4Hope’s Chief Philanthropy & Growth Officer

Ralph joined the Board of Trustees in 2019, and in that short time he has launched Crossroads4Hope’s first Marketing Advisory Committee that provides marketing/media training. Ralph was instrumental in showing how to communicate the mission through key public messaging, especially through the organization’s re-vision and transformation of the organization. Ralph also assumed responsibility for the Philanthropy committee and has guided the rest of the committee and the Board on relationship development and elevating the conversation to secure larger gifts. Furthermore, the most significant support Ralph has led was the outreach efforts and introducing the organization to leaders throughout the African-American community so that we could gain a deep understanding of the challenges this community faces regarding cancer. He also led the Multicultural Outreach initiative as part of our Strategic Vision for the Future Campaign, that has raised over $500,000. Due to his efforts, Ralph shepherded the Gladiator program in the African-American community that garnered national recognition for the efficacy of Crossroads4Hope’s work. The program also is normalizing the discussion around cancer that helps so many people that previously has been unable to find the social and emotional support they needed when facing a cancer diagnosis. 

As Ralph accepts his award, he will be honoring his late sister Deborah, who succumbed to cancer. Her legacy inspired Ralph to continue this work. Here at EWC, we are so proud to congratulate Ralph on this award and for all the incredible philanthropy he has done to make the world a better place.